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The “Ingenio al Femminile” Degree Thesis Award is promoted by the National Council of Engineers with the partnership of Cesop HR Consulting Company.

"Ingenio al Femminile", stories of women who leave their mark is a special award conceived by the Director of the CNI, Ing. Ania Lopez to contribute to the enhancement of female engineering talents and professionals.
Female students graduated during the 2020/2021 academic year can participate.

Three cash prizes for the winners and honorable mentions for the high-value theses.

First prize: 2,000 euros
Second prize: 1,500 Euros
Third Prize: 1,000 Euros

This year the theme chosen for the competition concerns the PNRR, a unique opportunity that Italy has to be able to create a driving force for sustainable and continuous development over time.

The deadline for submitting applications will be extended to 20 July

The first edition of the award was chosen to represent Italy at the recent World Engineering Day (World Engineering Day, 4 March 2022), promoted by UNESCO and the WFEO.

The page dedicated to the nominations for the award is:

The page dedicated to the Ambassador Companies of the Award is:

Press release of the Award: Comunicato stampa CNI bando Ingenio al femminile.pdf