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Mentoring is an activity developed by students for students. The most skilled students and the more advanced in their studies make themselves available to those who have just entered the University.

The main objectives of mentoring are:

  • to guide and assist students
  • to remove any obstacles to a successful attendance of courses and active participation in all training activities, also through initiatives related to attitudes and needs of individuals
  • to remove any barriers to learning through preparatory and remedial activities
  • to provide support to the teaching activities as well as to provide guidance and tutoring activities related to specific contingencies



Mentoring integrates and deepens the topics covered by the teacher during his lectures. Theoretical clarifications can be provided but, above all, exercises and exams are presented to students, with detailed explanations. The tutor's support is aimed at strengthening, if necessary, the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and computer science, to allow the student to take the training course with confidence.

The Tutor’s activities are an integral part of the course and, as such, are shown in the lecture timetable.

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