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Vinaora Nivo Slider 3.x

Research areas

  • Extended reality for remote control of measurement instruments
  • Impedance spectroscopy for medical applications
  • Instrumentation and measurements for Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Instrumentation and measurements for Extended Reality
  • Instrumentation and measurements for particle accelerators
  • IoT technologies for agriculture, livestock farming, and the traceability of the agri-food supply chain
  • Measurement & Sustainability
  • Measurement of human exposure to low and high frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Measurements on electricity transmission systems
  • Measures for Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance
  • Methods and instruments for the characterization of quantum technologies
  • Monitoring systems, IoT and Cyber-Physical Measurement Systems
  • Multimodal acquisition systems
  • Wearable sensors and measurements for humans and health

Research teams

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