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Third Mission
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Automatic synchronization of cell growth
Climate changes and migrations
AIRO PhD School 2021 and 5th AIRO Young Workshop
H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020: la robotica di supporto
DIETI joins the Association "National Society of Science, Literature and Arts in Naples"



The Department Council of October 20, 2020 approved the adhesion to the National Society of Sciences, Letters and Arts Association in Naples, which since the middle of the last century has been working to spread science in various sectors. The Society is divided into four Classes: Academy of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, Academy of Archeology, Literature and Fine Arts, Academy of Medical and Surgical Sciences, and is part of the National Academic Union (UAN) which it includes the 14 main Italian Academies.

Another important initiative for the development and dissemination of science of which the Department wants to become a protagonist.