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Opening 2 post-doc positions in AI and Cognitive Robotics at PRISMA Lab

PRISMA Lab offers 2 annual postdoctoral research positions (that may be extended up to 3 years) framed within the European project INVERSE (INteractive robots that intuitiVely lEarn to inVErt tasks by ReaSoning about their Execution). The role of the team is to develop a robotic framework for the flexible execution, learning and continuous monitoring of complex and invertible tasks. The interest is to explore to what extent concepts such as cognitive control and attention can be deployed for robotic task execution as well as for learning or reasoning about novel tasks. 
Candidate's role in the team will be to carry out research activities in the field of artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics at large, including cognitive systems for robotics, lifelong autonomy, human-robot interaction and cooperation, task learning, transfer learning, structured task execution and monitoring. Specifically, the main contribution will be to help the team in developing a cognitive control framework for the flexible execution and continuous monitoring of structured robotic tasks within a learning from demonstration cycle. 

Requirements: PhD in robotics or computer science, programming experience in C++ and/or Python, programming experience in ROS/ROS2, experience in one or more of the aforementioned research areas is an important plus, good knowledge of English language.

How to apply: please send an e-mail to (riccardo.caccavale [at] having the following title “[INVERSE job candidate] <NAME> <SURNAME>“, specifying your own name/surname in place of the tags. Please attach your CV in English, and possible additional titles or recommendation letters (also in English) to the mail.

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