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Vinaora Nivo Slider 3.x

Research areas

  • Acceleration techniques of asymptotic approaches for hyper-frequencies and optics
  • Advanced numerical methods in electromagnetics
  • Analysis and synthesis of high-performance antenna systems
  • Applications in medical diagnostics of electromagnetic fields
  • Biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic scattering models
  • Experimental characterization of antennas and scatterers
  • Industrial applications (food monitoring) of electromagnetic fields
  • Inverse problems in electromagnetics
  • Microwave broadband characterization of materials electromagnetic properties
  • Microwave remote sensing applications: Environmental and infrastructure monitoring
  • Propagation in complex environments and radio coverage planning
  • Remote sensing system design and information retrieval from remotely sensed data
  • Therapeutic applications of electromagnetic fields
  • Tomography and imaging

Research teams

  • Advanced Applications in Electromagnetism (AEMA)
  • Microwave Brain Scanner for Cerebrovascular Deseases (MiBraScan)
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