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Grants for Mentoring 

Mentoring is an activity developed by students for students. The most skilled students and the more advanced in their studies make themselves available to those who have just entered the University.

A number of students are made available from the University every year to carry out these activities to support the Department's Degree Programs.

For more information:  https://www.dieti.unina.it/index.php/en/services/mentoring

Students’ Part Time JobS

Every year DIETI recives a quota of students from the University to support the Department’s activities.

For information on how to submit your application http://www.unina.it/didattica/opportunita-studenti/part-time (in italian) 


Erasmus program

DIETI Department adheres to the various Erasmus mobility programs for the students of its Degree Programs

For info http://erasmus.dieti.unina.it/



In each DIETI Department Study Program there is an internship period in companies that have entered into agreements with the University.

In addition to the websites of the DIETI Degree Programs, other information can be found on the University website at the page http://www.unina.it/didattica/tirocini-studenti







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