Anechoic chamber
Power Electronics
Laboratories of Health Organization and Automation
Antenna Laboratory
Laboratory Architectures and Computer Networks (ARCLAB)
Healthcare Automation Laboratory
Laboratory Multimedia Data Bases
CAD Laboratory
Laboratory Calibration Tools
Electrothermal Characterization Laboratory
Laboratory Electrical and Magnetic Diagnostic Circuits
Automatic Control Laboratory
Continuous Laboratory for Transportation
Short circuit laboratory
RF Devices Characterization Laboratory
Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
Laboratory of Renewable and Innovative Sources of Electric Energy
Laboratory of Problem Solving and OPSLab Optimization
Didactic Systems Laboratory
Laboratory Signal Processing Image
Electronics Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
Laboratory KnoMElab
KRSP Laboratory
Microwave Laboratory and Millimeter Waves
Laboratory Measures Networks Calculators
Laboratory Measures1
Laboratory Misure2
Laboratory Measures3
Laboratory MOBILAB
Electromagnetic Model Laboratory
Optoelectronics Laboratory
Small Engine Laboratory
Polytechnic Didactic Laboratory
Polytechnic Didactic Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields
Embedded Industrial Microcontroller Design Laboratory
High Tension Room Laboratory
Machine Room Laboratory
SECLAB Laboratory
Laboratory Biomedical Instrumentation
Microelectronic Technology Laboratory
Telemedicine and Videoconsultation Laboratory
Transport Laboratory
Artificial Vision Laboratory
Measures and Testing
Measures and Electrotechnics
Automatic Measurement Systems