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Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (DIETI)


The Department comprises at present about 120 full-time faculty members, 8 fixed-term research assistants, 41 temporary research fellows and more than 70 Ph.D. students. Since Academic Year 2014/2015 (XXX cycle), our Department offers a Ph.D. Programme in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. The research areas covered by DIETI members, through both interdisciplinary collaborations among the department groups and a number of international collaborations, relate to the following horizontal themes:

  • industrial applications of Electrical Engineering and ICT technologies
  • environment and critical infrastructures
  • energy, telecommunications and computing infrastructures
  • design and management of services for the Society, Public Administration and private firms
  • applications of ICT to healthcare services and in the field of medicine and biology.


Research output (2011-2013)



 Data on the research output of the Department are extracted from the 2011-2013 Research activities Review (SUA-RD)




 Data on the Department Staff is taken from the institutional website of the Italian Ministry of University and Research